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Self Love Bath Salts

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These are self love bath salts.

They come in a glass jar with a red heart top.
They come with a scoop that features a star charm.

This is a pink Himalayan bath salt soak made with the intentions of self love.
Himalayan salt is amazing for cleansing energy.

This jar comes with a charm hanging from it. It is a pink tinted spell jar with rose quartz chips inside.
Rose Quartz is the stone of unconditional love.

These salts are made with bergamot essential oils. Bergamot oil enhances joy and strength.
And sweet orange oil. Sweet orange oil boosts optimism and self confidence.

Rose petals are mixed in.
Roses symbolize healing and self love.

Simply put a few scoops of this salt in bath water and think about every single part of yourself that you love. Relax and let this soak cleanse your spirit.