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The Witch and Wizard Training Guide by Sirona Knight (Vintage)

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This is 'The Witch and Wizard Training Guide' by Sirona Knight.

This is a vintage copy of this book printed in 2001.

For kids and adults who have ever wanted to cast a magic spell or make a magic potion, here is the guide that will show how to do just that--and more. Here are the spells and potions for love, friendship, money, and personal empowerment. Readers will find everything they need to make magic wands and cloaks, and how to use tarot and crystals.

Sirona Knight has done dream readings on NBC’s The Other Half and other national programs. She is the author of Dream Magic, The Shapeshifter Tarot, and 14 other titles. A contributing editor for the magazine Magical Blend, she has a Master’s degree in stress management from California State University and is a Master Hypnotist. She lives in Northern California with her family.

This copy is in good condition. It is very clearly old and used, which just adds to the magick of this book.